Un Grano de Arena: Infrastructural Care, Social Media, and the Venezuelan Humanitarian Crisis 
Michaelanne Dye | CSCW ’21


Public Scholarship and CSCW: Trials and Twitterations
Sarah A Gilbert, Casey Fiesler, Lindsay Blackwell, Michael Ann DeVito, Michaelanne Dye, Shamika Goddard, Kishonna L Gray, David Nemer, C Estelle Smith | CSCW 2020

Internet-human infrastructures: Lessons from Havana’s StreetNet
Abigail Z. Jacobs, Michaelanne Dye | The Web Conf Workshop on Innovative Ideas in Data Science (Best Paper Nomination)


If it Rains, Ask Grandma to Disconnect the Nano: Maintenance & Care in Havana’s StreetNet
Michaelanne Dye, David Nemer, Neha Kumar, Amy Bruckman | CSCW ’19 (Best Paper Honorable Mention)

Contending With Power and Privilege in a Grassroots Internet
Michaelanne Dye | CSCW ’19 Workshop Paper

Havana’s StreetNet: Innovation from Necessity
Michaelanne Dye | XRDS ACM Magazine

Vamos a Resolver: Collaboratively Configuring the Internet in Havana
Michaelanne Dye | 
Georgia Tech, Doctoral Dissertation

The Human Infrastructure of El Paquete, Cuba’s Offline Internet
Michaelanne Dye, David Nemer, Josiah Mangiameli, Amy Bruckman, Neha Kumar | ACM Transactions

Bringing Shades of Feminism to Human-Centered Computing
Manasee Narvilkar, Josiah Mangiameli, Adriana Alvarado Garcia, Azra Ismail, Daniel Schiff, Danielle Schechter, Jordan Chen, Karthik Bhat, Marisol Wong-Villacres, Anusha Vasudeva, Aparna Ramesh, Michaelanne Dye, Naveena Karusala, Pragati Singh, Savanthi Murthy, Shubhangi Gupta, Udaya Lakshmi, and Neha Kumar | CHI ’19 (alt.CHI)

Intersectional Computing for Technology and Development
Neha Kumar, Naveena Karusala, Marisol Won-Villacres, Michaelanne Dye, Josiah Mangiameli, Karhik Bhat, Anupriya Tuli | ICTD ’19


Solidarity Across Borders: Navigating Intersections Towards Equality and Inclusion Michaelanne Dye, Neha Kumar, Ari Shlesinger, Marisol Wong-Villacres, Morgan G. Ames, Rajesh Veeraraghavan, Joyojeet Pal, Jacki O’Neill, Mary L. Gray | CSCW ’18

El Paquete Semanal: The Week’s Internet in Havana
Michaelanne Dye, David Nemer, Josiah Mangiameli, Amy Bruckman, Neha Kumar | CHI ’18 (Best Paper Honorable Mention)

Seamfully Interwoven: Piecing Together Havana’s Internet
Michaelanne Dye | CHI ’18

Facebook in Venezuela: Understanding Solidarity Economies in Low-Trust Environments
Hayley Evans, Marisol Villacres, Daniel Castro, Michaelanne Dye, Eric Gilbert, Rosa Arriaga, Amy Bruckman | CHI ’18


Locating the Internet in the Parks of Havana
Michaelanne Dye, David Nemer, Laura Pina, Nithya Sambasivan, Amy Bruckman, Neha Kumar | CHI ’17

Social Computing & Development
Michaelanne Dye, Amy Bruckman, Neha Kumar | CHI ’17

What (or Who) Is Public? Privacy Settings and Social Media Content Sharing
Casey Fiesler, Michaelanne Dye, Jessica L. Feuston, Chaya Hiruncharoenvate, C.J. Hutto, Shannon Morrison, Parisa Khanipour Roshan, Umashanthi Pavalanathan,  Amy S. Bruckman, Munmun De Choudhury, Eric Gilbert  | CSCW ’17

When the Internet Goes Down in Bangladesh
Mehrab Bin Morshed, Michaelanne Dye, Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed, and Neha Kumar | CSCW ’17


Early Adopters of the Internet and Social Media in Cuba
Michaelanne Dye, Annie Antón, Amy S. Bruckman | CSCW ’16

Cuba Intercambio: Cultural and Information Exchange for Cuba
Michaelanne Dye, Annie Antón, Amy Bruckman | CHI ’16


Social Media in Repressive Regimes: The Case of Cuba and Venezuela
Michaelanne Dye, Eric Gilbert, Annie Antón, Amy S. Bruckman | CSCW ’15


Exploring How Parents in Economically Depressed Communities Access Learning Resources
Parisa Khanipour Roshan, Maia Jacobs, Michaelanne Dye, and Betsy DiSalvo | Group ’14


Hollaback!: the role of storytelling online in a social movement organization
Dimond, Jill P., Michaelanne Dye, Daphne LaRose, and Amy S. Bruckman. | CSCW ’13 (Best Paper Honorable Mention)


La Vida Online: The Parallel Public Sphere of Facebook as Used by Colombian Immigrant Women in Atlanta
Michaelanne Dye | Georgia State University 2011 (Master’s Thesis)